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For the greatest possible harmony of your dental love, we offer you the matching mouth rinse cup for your new favourite toothbrush. Our cups also have a high proportion of straw, but the wall does not quite make it to 50 percent. Our straw-plastic mix is completely free of harmful bisphenol A. This makes it easier for you to care for your teeth and your toothbrush. This makes caring for your teeth and mouth not only particularly loving, but also harmless to your health.

Not only dental love enjoys the greatest care and innovation at Dr. Bauer, but from now on also nature. Our toothbrushes and mouthwash cups contain a minimum of 45 percent straw, which is produced during the cultivation of wheat or even rice. In this way, we reduce the proportion of plastics and prevent CO2, for example by burning the leftovers, is released into the atmosphere. At the same time, the straw reinforces the plastic. And if you look closely, you can even see the straw in our products.

Dr. Bauer's new packaging made from grass paper, not only makes the world of dental and oral care particularly beautiful, but it also helps you to conserve natural resources. The hay needed to make grass paper uses only a fraction of the water and energy that conventional paper does. At the same time, we can do completely without chemicals in the production of the grass pulp. This means we can save up to 75 percent of CO² emissions in the extraction of our packaging raw materials.

Dr Bauer's Logo
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