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At Dr. Bauer, you can have both luck in the game and luck in dental love. That's why we've included up to two games for you in our box. You can get the playing cards for the games by cutting the dividers at the marked points with scissors.

Depending on the features of the pack, you will have wide and slightly narrower cards. The wider cards are approx. 3.5 cm wide. These are for the memory game. You can play dominoes with the narrower cards that are approx. 2 cm wide.



At the beginning of the game, all cards are dealt face down on the table. The youngest player may start. When it is a player's turn, he or she may turn over two cards. If the cards show identical motifs, the player has found a pair and places both cards face up in front of him. If the cards show different motifs, he must cover them up again. It is the next player's turn.

The game ends when all pairs of cards have been found. It may well happen that there are two to six identical pairs in the game.

Here it is up to your imagination to increase the level of difficulty by, for example e.g. you have to discover all four cards.

Am Ende gewinnt, wer mehr Dr. Bauer’s Karten offen vor sich liegen hat.



The cards are shuffled, divided equally between the players and the last card is placed face up on the table. The youngest player may make the first move. The domino cards must always be placed directly next to each other. It is not allowed to place cards between other cards. Only playing cards that have the same symbols as the adjacent card can be placed. The player who has placed all cards first is the winner. If a player is unable to lay down his cards, he is eliminated and it is the next player's turn. it is the next player's turn. In the event that all players can no longer lay down their cards, the player who has the fewest cards in front of him wins.

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